When communicating across differences, it takes all (16) types

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Earlier this year, Jennifer and Patrice led workshops in the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator for students from two elite programs within NYU’s Stern School of Business: the Leadership Development Program (LDP) for emerging leaders, and the Social Solutions Project Lab (SSP), an experiential learning program for social entrepreneurs.


The goal of these workshops was to deepen students’ understanding about their own Myers-Briggs types and begin to put their knowledge into action.  For each workshop, students had taken the MBTI Complete in advance to determine their own thinking preferences and learn their “reported type.”  Patrice and Jennifer then took students on a deep dive into the MBTI dichotomies, enabling them to verify their own types and begin to understand the implications of type on communications and teamwork.  Through an interactive workshop called the “living type table,” students had the opportunity to come together for discussion with like types, and also hear about differences from other types.   How do we influence, disagree with, and leverage the talents of team-mates with different thinking preferences?  These were just some of the questions that were addressed.


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