Jay Barrett, Senior HR Manager, US & Global Projects, Stella McCartney

Patrice’s experience and knowledge of the luxury retail sector partnered with her coaching style made her a great fit for us when defining how to address opportunities we had in our business through developing our managers and key leaders using one-to-one coaching, and focused workshops for our commercial teams. Wellbeing and Positive Psychology are themes we continue to explore in our business, and Patrice’s ability to weave this into our work has added immense value.

Patrice was able to quickly build credibility and presence with our teams and has strength in understanding the reality of the situation and challenges faced, through creating safe, trustworthy and creative environments for everyone to be open and transparent, and to challenge traditional thinking and ways of working, with an open, thoughtful, collaborative and facilitative approach.

In leading the way forward and helping our teams to plan for the future, Patrice was able to keep everyone engaged and on the journey to ensure accountability and the utilizing of each team member, driving engagement and emphasizing purpose.

R. Patel, Chief-of-Staff, Office of University Life, Columbia University

In searching for a workshop to improve my team’s dynamics and communication, I was concerned that bringing our many individual differences out into the open would potentially be counter-productive. Jessica’s understanding of my apprehensions and our team’s uneven past experiences with facilitations informed her design of a workshop tailored specifically to our needs. Using the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, Jessica created a team-building workshop that both supported and challenged us. In just a few short hours we had a deeper understanding and acceptance of individual differences and also were able to reframe our view of our differences as gifts to be leveraged to function overall as a more effective team. Each team member walked away with a newfound self-awareness, as well as fresh insights and appreciation of others on the team. Jessica introduced us to a new common vocabulary through MBTI to explore personality and behavior that we have continued to use to help frame conversations and meetings going forward. This has been incredibly helpful to improve our overall communication. Jessica’s facilitation has left a lasting positive impression on me and my team, and I could not recommend her more highly.

Senior Non-profit Development Professional

I was going through a difficult period, personally and professionally, when a colleague recommended I speak with Jennifer Zaslow. My colleague explained that when she was at a professional crossroads, Jennifer helped her determine a new career that was most gratifying. As luck would have it, Jennifer and I had worked together many years prior, so I knew her to be a capable and cordial person – with a wonderful sense of humor. Any reservations I might have had about speaking with a coach were allayed as soon as we reconnected on the phone. It was particularly helpful that Jennifer’s background is also in development and fundraising. She brought her expertise in the field to our coaching sessions, providing me with invaluable insight into the sector.
Over the last six months, Jennifer helped me to ascertain my priorities and urged me to take my time to find a position that best suited me. With her guidance, I was equipped to ask the right questions and make a thoughtful decision about my next move. I have recommended working with a coach – and specifically working with Jennifer – to anyone who asks how I was able to navigate this particularly challenging time in my life.

Meika Neblett, M.D., Chief Medical Officer, CarePoint Health System – Hoboken

Working with Eden was a rewarding experience. Her coaching has allowed me to see my work life with a significantly broader lens, which has helped me be more successful. Her coaching style is direct, personal, insightful, heartfelt and supportive. Her intuition and experience allowed her to go beyond the surface very quickly to get to issues that were limiting my potential. Her coaching has helped me grow professionally and achieve results

Senior Executive in Fine Arts and Luxury Retail Industry

Jessica is a fantastic coach. She took the time to truly understand me and gave me the tools and frameworks to help me move my career forward in a positive direction. Her deep understanding of our business and support in developing my interview strategy really helped me transition into my dream job.

Chief compliance officer, hedge fund

I am the Chief Compliance Officer at a large NYC hedge fund advisor. Due to a change in control at the top of my old firm, I needed to begin the process of looking for a new job. Eden was literally my first call. That same night, Eden talked me through the process, discussing issues related to severance, timing of departure and references. Eden was a voice of reason and calm throughout the first few days. Shortly thereafter, I sat down with Eden to walk through opportunities and interview tactics. Eden knows the business well and is quite savvy.

One of the most valuable pieces of advice from Eden was “you can be choosy”. She said you need to decide which place is right for you – while you don’t want to appear over-confident, remember that they also need to impress you. I was happy to be able to find a new job quickly and seamlessly. I have no doubt that Eden’s coaching helped to facilitate this positive result. Eden has common sense, wisdom and business savvy. I highly recommend her as a coach for anyone in the legal or compliance fields as well as anyone working or seeking a job on Wall Street.

Andrew, Management Consultant/ NYU Stern MBA Candidate

I was always amazed at the depth of information that Jessica unearthed during our hour-long sessions. Jessica was incredibly effective in surfacing some of the underlying beliefs that weren’t serving me in the workplace, and in helping me understand the deeper motivations which drove me. Her knowledge of leadership and psychology was very helpful in moving me towards actionable steps I could take to address what was holding me back, and her commitment and follow-up ensured I got the most out of our time together. I truly feel more prepared for my next role – and the roles after that – thanks to Jessica!

Dawn Perri, Chief Human Resources Officer, PKF O'Connor Davies, LLP

Over the past several years, I have retained Patrice as a coach to present various leadership topics at accounting firms I have worked at.

Patrice is an extremely knowledgeable and engaging facilitator – adept at putting people at ease and creating a safe space for discussion and exploration.  She consistently delivers content that is up-to-date, well researched and actionable.  Because of her background as both an attorney and CEO, she is comfortable in a corporate environment and understands how to tailor material so it resonates with the audience.

I’ve also engaged Patrice for one-on-one coaching for individuals for leadership development issues, from communication and presentation skills to stress management and emotional intelligence, and have witnessed positive results.  Clients find her to be thoughtful and effective in helping them evoke change and achieve their goals.

Patrice is my “go-to” coach for both group facilitation and one-on-one coaching for staff and I always find working with her to be both valuable for my organizations and a pleasure.

Innovation strategist, London

I was looking for a trusted advisor to bounce ideas about career directions. I wanted someone with significant experience that was varied across multiple sectors. Someone who had held a leadership role and could intuitively understand the possibilities and also challenges for someone like me with a “hybrid” background in innovation and sustainability. Eden exceeded all of my expectations. She is incredibly talented at identifying an individual’s unique value proposition and helping articulate it in an authentic and powerful way. She has helped me celebrate the fact that I don’t fit neatly into a box and refine how I communicate my story effectively in different situations. Through her questioning, Eden has helped me define my values and my higher “purpose” which is really where I needed to start from. Because she has lived in several countries, Eden has a strong sense of cultural differences and has supported me through some challenging people management issues in a company outside the US.

Since working with Eden, I have held three different consulting roles with increasing responsibility. I’ve been able to see my career as an evolving journey, which has enabled me to stretch my skills into new sectors and industries. I’ve been through several restructures and, with Eden’s help, have learned to get out of situations where I feel “stuck” and make the most of these changes. I rely on Eden as a constant source of wisdom and practical advice and she’s also kept me up to date with emergent thinking in relevant areas and always has a good recommendation for what to read now!

Louise Shea, VP for human resources, The New York Public Library

Strength, integrity, wisdom, a sense of humor and an ability to “tell it like it is.” These were the qualities for which Jennifer was known as a Vice President of The New York Public Library; they are also the qualities that have made her a natural as an Executive Coach. Having successfully navigated her own career transition, Jennifer knows that change is powerful and possible – and she takes a stand for change in her clients. Jennifer also brings decades of “real-life” experience to this work, having successfully lead teams through institutional transition, and risen to meet the challenge of ambitious goals.

Finance Director, Educational Management

Jessica is an extremely helpful coach. She developed a plan based on my priorities with flex options if we wanted to work on other issues. She gave insightful recommendations and shared resources and techniques. Jessica is a great listener and challenged my thinking. I was able to move beyond my comfort zone on a variety of topics. I highly recommend Jessica if you need coaching.

Compliance Officer, National Research Firm, Washington DC

I had spent 15 years building a career in a field where the expertise is sought after and the subject matter is interesting but the way I was working was, well, no longer working for me. I respect my company’s mission and while I hoped to spend a long career there, I thought I would need to make drastic changes and be prepared to move on to another organization. I felt stymied at my job, and couldn’t understand why I was having trouble with work interactions. I was emotionally drained, and it was affecting my home life too. I knew there was a problem, but I couldn’t even pinpoint the problem or even start to address it because I didn’t even know where to start! A friend introduced me to Clear Path, and Patrice Keitt became my coach. Patrice and I met through a series of calls over 4 months; this worked really well for my schedule and we sometimes met on a weekend. I always looked forward to these conversations.

Through targeted exercises Patrice helped me start at the beginning (really at the beginning) to pinpoint work and life experiences that energize me, to tease out why these were such positive experiences, and to focus on structuring work to have more of these positive experiences. She introduced me to the corporate athlete concept and proven mind-body exercises that foster high performance. Through in-depth Myers-Briggs analysis and scenario debriefs, I began to understand how personality differences and my own biases were resulting in my unsatisfying work communications. Patrice’s friendly but firm (and often funny) coaching helped me adapt my spoken and written communications so that my message can be understood by colleagues whose personality styles are quite different from mine. And the underpinning for each coaching session was a package of carefully curated and thought-provoking articles and books Patrice sent my way – these were such a treat and always highly relevant.

Through my work with Patrice, I was able to explore, learn and dream; to structure my work and life in ways that satisfy me; and to better connect with others. This deeply rewarding and hard work happily paid off in a recent promotion, without leaving my current employer and without abandoning the subject matter expertise I had built. I am grateful for Patrice’s coaching and will continue to work with her as my career evolves and I pursue those ever-important positive experiences that keep me going.

Lauren Farrell Gardiner, Co-Founder and Tutor, Confident Minds Tutoring

As a high-energy person with a mind jumbled with ideas, ideals, ethical dilemmas, and feelings of confusion, I knew I needed someone to help me prioritize my goals, organize my time, and ultimately, bring me to my fullest potential. As an educational tutor, I do these very tasks to help my students, so I was able to recognize that I, too, needed my own personal advisor. Jennifer was able to guide my thinking and my action in our very first session and help me determine weekly and monthly action steps that included everything from phone calls, to self-reflection, to meditation. Without the gentle yet firm guidance and strong conviction of Jennifer, I never would have made the decision to expand my business nor get it off the ground in only a few short months!

Prof. Seth Freeman, NYU Stern School of Business & Columbia University

I was delighted to get the benefit of Eden’s excellent coaching recently. Her valuable insights, her strong ability to see and articulate strengths and growth areas, and her consistently pleasant, professional, positive approach made my work with her a rewarding experience that encouraged and challenged me in several ways. I’ve already begun to integrate her wisdom into my work as a professor and know my students and trainees will benefit strongly from her contribution. I recommend her enthusiastically.

Andrew McVinish, Regional Sales Director: Art & Antiques, Everything But the House

Jessica is a wonderful, engaged coach who offers thoughtful, well considered and insightful counsel. She brought both a well-thought-out process and adaptability to our work together, and enabled me to progress on a new path towards my new career.

Chirag Chotalia, Investor at DFJ

I worked with Eden while contemplating a significant career transition. Eden was incredibly helpful at putting structure around my thoughts, keeping me on track and helping me refine my goals and understand my motivations. I highly recommend her to anyone considering a change in career or someone looking to take their performance to the next level. Eden is also a dynamic and engaging speaker. We invited her to speak during a student-led conference at The Wharton School addressing aspiring entrepreneurs and early-stage investors. Her participation was incredibly well-received by the Wharton community and I’m confident had a lasting impact on audience members.

M. Grant, financial advisor

Two years ago I was struggling with how I could expand my business.  I was doing very well but wondered if there was a way for me to build deeper, more effective relationships.  I met Eden and was instantly wowed. She got was I trying to do.  She respected what I had accomplished but had great ideas about how to enhance my approach. She listened and gave wonderful insights into my personality that really resonated.

I wasn’t sure if an executive coach would be able to help in a sales situation but Eden was terrific. She helped me tap into experiences I had that I could use to build my business. Most important, she worked with me to crystallize a more personal story and use it in a way that results in a stronger connection to people I work with.  It didn’t take long to see results.  Eden is encouraging and supportive throughout the process but challenges her clients to go further.  Her insights, demeanor and experience working with senior executives were exactly what I needed.   She is a wonderful coach, and a great friend.

Lori Schuldiner Schor, international grants manager

I gained a great deal of clarity while working with Jennifer.  She asked the types of questions that moved me to think beyond my typical exploration zones and my typical behavioral and language tropes. I found that when working with her – over a period of months – I was able to learn how to get beyond my ‘comfort’ self in ways that allowed me to connect with aspects of myself that were calling out for recognition. I’m a reflective individual, and Jennifer taught me to honor that even more dearly than I had been.  She’s a gem of an individual and a gem of an Executive Coach.

Amy Abrams, co-founder, In Good Company

Eden is a master facilitator. She is incredibly skilled at addressing difficult topics with tremendous sensitivity. I am always inspired by her ability to hear what people are really saying. While Eden is incredibly warm and genuine and exudes a wonderful energy, she also draws on her corporate background and is able to stick to an agenda and work within a framework. Overall she is a remarkable coach!

Erik Gensler, president, Capacity Interactive, Inc.

I am the founder of a rapidly growing professional services firm who had never worked with an Executive Coach. By pushing me to stay focused on the big picture and ask myself hard questions around purpose and mission, Jennifer has been instrumental in helping me clarify my priorities and evolve into becoming a more effective CEO. This work has also had a direct impact on my business, helping me to re-define how I manage time and staff so that I have the mental space to ask myself “what’s next?” for my business.

Jennifer is a great listener who asks powerful questions, and also provides solid advice and support. It is a treat to have a true leader as a coach, one who has extensive career experience to draw from. I recommend Jennifer highly to anyone looking to grow personally and professionally.

Laura Aviva, founder, l'aviva home

I feel incredibly fortunate to have had the opportunity to bring Eden into my life, and to be able to carry her sage advice and guidance along with me as I navigate my course. What I had initially envisioned as a finite series of sessions with a counselor quickly evolved into an ongoing relationship characterized by true collaboration. I am continually struck by how authentically and fully vested Eden is in my process, and in both my personal growth and my professional fulfillment. Eden brings a perspective that is both intuitive and informed to each of our conversations – and during those times in which I have felt overwhelmed by the choices before me, she has insightfully helped me to identify and parse my challenges, while continually pushing me to stay true to myself. Eden’s role in my continuing development is truly invaluable.

Caitlin Weaver, senior associate director of leadership development, NYU Stern School of Business

Eden quickly became one of the most popular and effective facilitators for our MBA student groups focused on leadership development. She did a fantastic job of building trust and rapport, and of being seen as credible in a relatively short time-frame—no small task with MBA students who are all smart, busy people who want to feel that their time is being used effectively.  Eden was successful at engaging the group’s attention by maintaining appropriate focus on the agreed-upon agenda, while at the same time being responsive to the dynamics and needs of the individuals in the group.

Senior development officer, New York non-profit organization

Working with Jennifer has been a transformational experience in my professional life. I enlisted Jennifer’s help during a period when I was deciding whether to leave a high-level position at an institution I love, but was finding difficult to navigate, or take the “next step” elsewhere. Jennifer is intuitive, insightful, warm, firm, and direct, and has helped me immensely, both in terms of finding solutions to short-term problems and dealing with long-term issues. Our conversations have yielded some surprising, and welcome, revelations about myself. Most importantly, she not only helped me remember my key strengths, she also helped me identify my key values, an important insight to have during a transitional time in my life.

Senior program manager, policy and leadership non-profit

Eden is a fantastic coach.  She helped me identify and successfully transition into a new – and much more personally satisfying – career.  Eden is a great listener with solid business experience and a deep understanding of corporate politics.  She is empathetic and usually has a relevant past experience to shed light on the current situation.  She is fun to work with and her passion for helping people succeed in their work is energizing and motivating.

Alice Schroeder, independent board member and author, The Snowball: Warren Buffett and the Business of Life

After working with Eden for a few months, I wish I had met her earlier!  She did a remarkable job at helping me navigate through a very challenging career transition. Her creativity stretched my vision of the future and helped fill in the blanks. She quickly narrowed choices and defined alternatives out of an amorphous cloud of possibilities. Eden’s empathy goes beyond simple understanding; she was sometimes able to articulate feelings I couldn’t understand myself. Her background in psychology, combined with a deep understanding of the business world, give a significant edge to anyone she is advising.

Andrew Vinard, Director, Core Facilities, UMass Amhearst, Institute for Applied Life Sciences (IALS)

A little over a year ago I was looking to make a major life change, moving my family across country and leaving an institution I’d worked at for a decade. I had the benefit of a few supervisors over the years providing guidance and direction, but had lacked mentorship or an experienced professional outside of my own supervisory channel who could provide me with insight. I was stuck trying to figuring out how to take the first step. I had a good friend introduce me to Clear Path and within a short time, I had an intake call scheduled with Patrice. From our very first chat, Patrice offered advice and suggestions to better myself and work towards my goals. More importantly, Patrice helped me articulate my goals, and as I sought out opportunities, ensure I was keeping true to my intent vs. searching for quick solutions. Some of the specific skills Patrice helped me with included self-reflection, resume review and editing, pre-interview coaching, and mindfulness. Now a year into the position I obtained, I often find myself referring back to some of our initial conversations and the resources shared with me. I am confident that the tools Patrice introduced me to will have lasting benefits in both my personal and professional life, and would not hesitate to engage again.


Art finance executive + independent financial advisor

Eden is a talented, successful, professional coach. She very effectively utilizes the building blocks to engaging communication herself, thus showing through example how it can be done – and communicating is probably the most important component on anyone’s path going anywhere. Along with deep critical and empathetic listening, she helps filter out the emotional component(s) that cloud one’s own process and provides such thoughtful and reflective feedback that next steps seem so easy to take because of how clear the path has become. My own experience was informative and transformative. I would not hesitate to recommend her to those on their own path to a more fulfilling future, and have already done so. An added bonus in working with Eden is that her heart is in it and she’s generous – connecting clients with others in her personal and professional networks. How wonderful is that!

Managing director, global investment bank

I was looking for a new position as a senior technology manager in the finance industry during a period when the job market in that sector was really tight. Opportunities at my level were scarce, so I wanted to make sure I was putting my best foot forward. A friend recommended that I meet Eden. She helped me streamline my resume and refine my interview pitch. A few sessions with Eden ensured that I was totally prepared and equipped with the right skills to successfully navigate my interviews. In fact, I immediately landed a great position despite the very difficult and competitive market conditions at that time.

Tamora Petitt, Associate Creative Director, Head of User Experience

I was looking for a career coach to become a more effective communicator, create more productive work relationships, and get an outside assessment of my potential. I was drawn to Patrice because of her experience working in a corporate environment and her focus on mindfulness. Patrice helped me understand my strengths, identify areas of improvement, and gave me the tools to tackle any situation that may come my way. She treated me like a partner throughout the process and gave me the space to discover my own solutions. The knowledge I have gained through coaching will help me throughout my life, no matter where my career takes me.

Ron Lambert, director of career services, Johns Hopkins University – SAIS

Eden is the consummate professional. Our office has used her coaching and training skills for a session in interview preparation with a group of graduate students spanning a number of different cultures. Her background in International Relations, her cultural sensitivity, and her pragmatic advice made all the difference in making the program highly successful. Student feedback was extremely positive, as was the feedback from our own coaching staff in sharing best practices with her during her visit to campus. I’d strongly recommend Eden to any Career Services office serving undergraduate or graduate students, or to individuals seeking a well-qualified executive coach who knows her way around a wide variety of professions and hiring cultures.

Chris, non-profit executive

I met Jennifer several months ago when I needed a champion who could provide both practical tips and empathy during a difficult career transition.  Jennifer is that rare coach, one who blends deep emotional intelligence with real world experience.

Because Jennifer is a terrific active listener, she immediately figured out that I was stuck at work and needed to find my voice in order to make necessary changes.  She has taught me about the power of being “mindful” while living more fully in the present.  If this sounds “new age-y,” be reassured that it isn’t.  I’ve conducted several business meetings in the past few weeks that went far better because I’ve taken Jennifer’s advice to heart.

I look forward to each session because I know I will be with someone who is in my corner at all times and because she and I have developed a plan of action that has realistic, achievable milestones along the journey. I highly recommend Jennifer.