Successful leaders aren’t born with the skills that push them past obstacles – they develop them by cultivating self-awareness, a growth mindset, and a network of mentors and advocates.

By providing a combination of both challenge and support, Clear Path helps clients develop the right tools and perspective to clarify their destination and reach their goals. Our approach is informed by the belief that trust, candor and empathy are the cornerstones of every successful coaching relationship.

Our engagement may be as short as three months or as long as a year or more. The scope of our work together will determine the duration, so establishing clear objectives – as well as specific milestones to measure success – will be our first priority.

individual services


No two client engagements are the same, but common individual coaching goals include:

• Becoming a more effective and impactful leader

• Making a smooth transition from individual contributor to manager

• Onboarding successfully into a new organization

• Building and leading high-performing teams

• Getting an entrepreneurial venture off the ground and into high gear

• Identifying and pursuing a satisfying career pivot

• Conducting an effective job search

• Building more productive relationships and stronger networks

• Establishing a powerful executive presence

• Enhancing self-awareness and emotional intelligence

• Communicating effectively with a broad range of audiences

• Developing better time management strategies

• Reducing stress and anxiety