EVENT: Women’s Jewelry Association In the Know conference 2013

Event_InTheKnowPresenter, Career Management Strategies for Challenging Times, Women’s Jewelry Association In the Know conference

This session will offer strategies to not just survive, but thrive, in today’s challenging world. Build a career management approach that embraces change rather than resists it. Learn how to maximize new opportunities in the marketplace and analyze your market value. Increase the satisfaction you derive from what you do. Adopt an entrepreneurial mindset and develop the networking skills you need to cultivate and position your personal brand. Achieve the professional goals you have now . . . and the surprising or unexpected ones you may have 15 years from now!

“Eden absolutely exceeded our goals and expectations! She shared information in a clear and easy way, provided tools that could be taken directly back to the office and, most importantly, related to the audience in a genuine way. The attendees shared that in one hour with Eden, they learned more than they had in years.”

– Jenny Luker, chair of In the Know conference, Women’s Jewelry Association


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