Coaching for Performance seminar at Stonier




This June, Patrice was invited to teach a seminar on Coaching for Performance at Stonier, the Graduate School of Banking in partnership with Wharton at the University of Pennsylvania. The seminar was offered to senior banking executives interested in incorporating the coach approach to leadership in their organizations. Over fifty bankers from all over the country participated in exercises focused on developing the core skills of coaching, including mindful listening, asking powerful questions that lead individuals and teams to find creative solutions, collaborative goal setting and accountability and providing appropriate feedback and acknowledgment. Real life situations that presented coaching opportunities for growth were analyzed and discussed.


As more and more organizations recognize the value of moving from a command and control model to a coaching model, training in these skills is necessary for managers and senior executives to adapt to the new paradigm. Accordingly, elite universities and executive training programs such as Stonier are investing more resources in this type of leadership development.


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