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Real brilliance comes when your professional growth is aligned with your personal interests, values and skills. In the complex, volatile workplaces of today’s world, there are many paths to success – but all of them require a commitment to continued learning, experimentation and self-transformation.

I work with motivated individuals at critical junctures in their careers to help them clarify their goals and acquire the right tools and perspective so they can evolve, advance and thrive.

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It doesn’t have to feel lonely at the top. When you’re taking risks with limited visibility, making decisions that have enterprise-wide impact and communicating a vision to inspire and motivate your team, it helps to have an objective collaborator on board. Someone who’s invested in your success and isn’t afraid to ask tough questions or speak truth to power.

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Tackling lofty goals demands a fresh approach. Whether you’re looking to expand your influence, your income or your skill set, isn’t it time to jettison some of those stagnant routines and try out new ones that reflect where you’re headed, not where you’ve been? Partnering with a coach to develop different ways of thinking, acting and relating to others can be a powerful catalyst for achieving positive, lasting change.

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Maybe you’re feeling stuck in an unsatisfying job, a consolidating industry or a career that feels stale. Perhaps you’re finally ready to hang out a shingle of your own. Or you’ve decided you want to begin focusing on your legacy rather than adding more zeroes to your net worth. The destination is yours to define – and once you do, we’ll figure out how to get there together.

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  • "After working with Eden for a few months, I wish I had met her earlier!  She did a remarkable job at helping me navigate through a very challenging career transition. Her creativity stretched my vision of the future and helped fill in the blanks."
    Alice Schroeder, independent board member and author, The Snowball: Warren Buffett and the Business of Life
  • "Eden is a fantastic coach.  She helped me identify and successfully transition into a new - and much more personally satisfying - career.  Eden is a great listener with solid business experience and a deep understanding of corporate politics."
    Senior program manager, policy and leadership non-profit
  • "I needed to begin the process of looking for a new job. Eden was literally my first call. Eden talked me through the process, discussing issues related to severance, timing of departure and references. Eden was a voice of reason and calm throughout... I was happy to be able to find a new job quickly and seamlessly."
    Chief compliance officer, hedge fund
  • "A few sessions with Eden ensured that I was totally prepared and equipped with the right skills to successfully navigate my interviews. In fact, I immediately landed a great position despite the very difficult and competitive market conditions at that time."
    Managing director, global investment bank
  • "I am continually struck by how authentically and fully vested Eden is in my process, and in both my personal growth and professional fulfillment."
    Laura Aviva, founder, l'aviva home
  • "She is incredibly skilled at addressing difficult topics with tremendous sensitivity."
    Amy Abrams, co-founder, In Good Company
  • "Eden absolutely exceeded our goals and expectations! She shared information in a clear and easy way, provided tools that could be taken directly back to the office and, most importantly, related to the audience in a genuine way.  The attendees shared that in one hour with Eden, they learned more than they had in years."
    Jenny Luker, chair of In the Know conference, Women’s Jewelry Association
  • "Through my work with Eden I gained new confidence in my abilities. I also came away with a clear idea of my priorities and what I needed to do to reach my goals. The following year was one of the best for my company – we nearly doubled our revenue -- and my team and I were recognized for our significant contribution."
    Toby Kovacs, sales manager, Axioma
  • "The true value of Eden’s work lies in the fact that she is extremely intelligent, has fantastic interpersonal and verbal skills, is able to understand her clients, doesn’t waste time and delivers an exceptional results oriented 'product'."
    Pattie Simon MBA, certified health/wellness coach candidate
  • "When I started my firm I needed someone to take a hard look from the outside in to help me better understand my strengths and weaknesses. After thoroughly interviewing me and my circle Eden reported back the good and the bad. We then embarked on a specific plan, based on that feedback and my own goals. Eden’s clarity on issues, organizational skills and overall great counsel has made her an indispensable part of my team. "
    Matt Dapolito, NonProfit Fiscal Management
  • "Eden is the consummate professional. Her background in International Relations, her cultural sensitivity, and her pragmatic advice made all the difference in making the program highly successful."
    Ron Lambert, director, career services Johns Hopkins University - SAIS
  • "I learned so much from our work together: how to network (something I was very loathe to do), how to negotiate my salary and title, and once I was working - how to deal with problematic colleagues. I am still developing my career path based on our conversations."
    Jean, writer & culture consultant
  • "It was so helpful to have someone to bounce ideas and suggestions off of and arrive at a solution in “my” voice. I'm happy to say that I am now working in a job I really enjoy. It would have taken a lot longer for me to get here without Eden's help."
    Tara Cole, social media specialist, fashion design company
  • "Eden helped me land my dream job. Her calm, sage, and insightful advice is always spot on - whether it's about navigating company politics, preparing for difficult negotiations, managing up, down or sideways, I find that thinking things through in advance with Eden helps me achieve my desired outcome."
    Fashion journalist and trend forecaster
  • "Eden has phenomenal listening skills, asks the critical questions to help you unlock yourself and is proactive in sharing her networks and contacts.  She is tuned into everything you are saying and has great insights."
    Managing director, global professional services firm
  • "Eden is encouraging and supportive throughout the process but challenges her clients to go further.  Her insights, demeanor and experience working with senior executives were exactly what I needed.   She is a wonderful coach, and a great friend."
    M. Grant, financial advisor
  • "Eden is an amazing coach who doesn't let you get away with your usual excuses!"
    Sharon Mosse, president, Strategic Marketing Group
  • "An added bonus of working with Eden is that her heart is in it and she’s generous - connecting clients with others in her personal and professional networks. How wonderful is that!"
    Art finance executive and independent financial advisor

What I’m reading: Collective Genius: The Art and Practice of Leading Innovation by Linda A. Hill, Greg Brandeau, Emily Truelove, and Kent Lineback; Americanah by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

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